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Stronger Than A Chain - Love Like No Other

a Yami x Yuugi love community

.::. Yami x Yuugi - Pure Love at its Best .::.
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Header Banner By duelist_gurl163, winner of our first contest!

This is an open community for the shounen ai/yaoi (boy's love) pairing of Yami no Yuugi and Mutou Yuugi from the animanga Yu-Gi-Oh! If you love this pairing, and you like to talk, write/post stories and/or art, or even just read and browse on topics about them, then you've come to the right place! All that we ask of you is to stay on topic and follow the rules when you post or comment in this community. Come sit down, meet other fans, and make yourself comfortable here. Don't be shy; introduce yourself when you join.


There are a few simple rules that you agree to follow as soon as you join this community. You know the purpose of rules by now; they are to keep things in order as much as possible. It will also make sure that this community runs smoothly. There have been no problems so far, and so I hope there aren't any problems in the near future. These rules are enforced. Break them once, and you get a warning. Break them several times, and I will not hesitate in banning you from this community. Just a fair warning. And now .. onto the rules.

A) Please stay on topic when posting to this community. When staying on topic, it generally means anything that has to do with this pairing. However, there are to be NO quiz results (even if you happen to have Yami/Yuugi as a result. I don't want it here, not even under a cut), advertisements to other communities (there are several advertisement communities including yugi_fans for YGO! related ads that you can post to), or personal entries about how your day went. Quizzes and personal entries are to be directed to your own journal. If by chance you are unsure whether or not what you want to post is on-topic, please don't hesitate to contact me at my personal journal. I will let you know as quickly as I can.

B) Pertaining to spoilers .. NOT EVERYONE has seen all of the episodes or read the entire manga of Yu-Gi-Oh! Do not chance the possibility of spoiling someone when you're discussing, posting a fanfic/fanart, or asking a question. Everything after the most recently released English dubbed episode/manga novel can be considered a spoiler. Keep those under cuts please, and respect the other members when posting. It's not fair to them if they're spoiled.

C) Fanfiction/fanart should be posted in this format: (Labels are IMPORTANT!)

(G, PG, PG-13, NC-17)
(if so, then where?)
Warnings: (violence, sexual content, language, death, etc)
Spoilers?: (are there spoilers to the anime/manga? if so, state it please.)

Following that, cut it! (LJ-cuts are always as this: [lj-cut text="(insert text here)"] insert content here [/lj-cut] -- replace the '[]' with '<>') Images larger then 500px should also be cut!

D) This shouldn't really be necessary, but if you join, you're obviously a fan, right? Don't join this community to bash the pairing, alright? It's stupid and immature. Not only do you create unnecessary drama, but you aggravate the members and myself. You will be banned instantly if you attempt such a trick. So, don't waste my time or the community's space if you're going to do that, 'kay?

E) Please, pleaaaaase no 1337-$p34|< or net-talk 'omg yugi iz s000 aWeSoMe!!!111.' Proper grammar/spelling to the best of your abilities, okay? Thank you!

F) We now have TAGS, so please use them.

G) Lastly, and most definitely not least: have fun! ^^


On the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime: Support Funimation in the release of their uncut redubbed/subbed DVDs! Funimation, on October 18th, released the DVDs redubbed uncut, as well as subbed in English. You can hear the original music and enjoy the English voices and the story as it was originally told, except in English. So wherever you purchase your DVDs, continue to support Yu-Gi-Oh's redubbing and release and purchase them when you can!

On Yu-Gi-Oh! Yaoi Doujinshi: Depending on the doujinshi artist/circle who does them, doujinshis can be either easy or very difficult to find. Many can be found at reasonable prices, while others, pending on their rarity, can be quite expensive. You can find sellers of them worldwide. Here are a few places you can search and find them.

eBay -- On the search, type in either 'Yugioh doujinshi' or 'Yugioh yaoi.'
Yahoo!Japan Auctions -- If you know how to, you can search here. They have lots of results when it comes to doujinshis.
Aestheticism -- You need to be verified as 18 or older to purchase hardcore yaoi from them. You don't need it for the shounen ai ones. They sell very good doujinshis, some usually rare and hard to find, for very reasonable prices.


Comment Here.


This community is owned and maintained by tecla. If you have any questions/concerns, or if you want to bring something to our attention, feel free to contact us at those journals. Don't hesitate! We're very nice people, really. =D Enjoy your stay here. ^^